How to most efficiently burn calories by having sex?

All those naughty movements during sex can sure feel like exercise. A proper orgasm should leave you panting and out of breath. That’s no surprise, considering you constantly move back and forth while plowing your partner’s tight hole. You probably know that fucking can burn calories, and you may even want to use this fun activity to lose weight. If that is the case, you should know how to most efficiently burn calories by having sex.

Know how many calories you’re burning

Yes, banging your partner in many exciting positions will help you burn calories, but how many exactly? The number of burnt calories is not the same in all types of sex. However, since there are almost infinite ways in which you can fuck, I can’t tell you the exact amount of calories each of them will burn.

There is a difference if you are at the top or at the bottom. Doing it in missionary takes less effort than holding your partner in the air and sticking your hard cock in their tight hole while standing. A handjob does not activate as many muscles as hardcore fucking, therefore it burns fewer calories. The more movement and sweating, the more calories you lose.

Of course, the potential weight loss also depends on how long you can last. Pounding a hot pussy or an ass for a few minutes is nowhere near as efficient in burning calories as a long hardcore session that includes lots of sucking, fingering, or playing with tits before the fucking.

Also, the more you weigh, the more energy you need for every move, and using more energy burns more calories. That is one of the reasons why men burn more calories by having sex than women, being that they usually have larger body mass.

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Lifting your babe up and down with your bare hands while you fuck her is a double exercise

What science has to say about burning calories by having sex

So, let’s see how many calories you can lose while sweating in different kinky situations. Some researches found that men burn 101 calories, while women burn 69.1 (can I really pretend that this number is a coincidence?) calories on average. That is about 3 or 4 calories per minute. Keep in mind this data is for sex that lasts for 25 minutes, including the foreplay, which was the average duration in these studies.

In case you don’t know much about counting calories, this is equal to a 30-minute-run on a treadmill, according to one study from 2013. If you ask me, I would much rather use my time for exploring some hottie’s body and its every curve, than run for 30 minutes.

Fucking alone, and by this I mean plowing a pussy with a hard cock, without foreplay, for about 5 to 6 minutes (which is the average), makes you lose even fewer calories. According to another study, this causes an average man in his 30s to lose only 21 calories.

More efficient ways to burn calories by having sex

You burn calories when your heart rate gets faster and when your body is involved in an activity that requires more energy. However, not all kinky activities will do that equally. For example, you move a lot more when you are at the top. Plowing your partner’s ass from behind requires moving your hips all the time and results in burning more calories than the person on the bottom. If your partner jumps up and down over you, impaling their wet pussy or asshole on your hard dick, they will spend a lot more energy than you will while lying down.

If you are trying to lose weight by constantly masturbating, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. Although stroking your cock will spike up your heart rate, it won’t be enough to burn calories, since you don’t really move your body much.

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Balancing on a pilates ball while thoroughly sucking a big cock makes your heart rate all worked up

Take charge and get on the top

So, to increase the number of burnt calories, try being at the top more often. And if you enjoy being at the bottom more, then you can at least move your hips in a rhythm with your partner. Plus, that will make the penetration more intense.

Be generous with orals

To spice things up, add some messy blowjobs. Sucking a huge cock for half an hour can burn 100 calories. I can only assume that eating pussy also burns calories, because there haven’t been any researches to confirm this. Still, both oral actions include moving your tongue in a similar way, only pussy licking has less head movement, so it probably burns fewer calories. I can say the same for rimming – there is no scientific data, but the principle is the same.

What about receiving a blowjob? There aren’t many things that feel as good as when your hard cock is in your partner’s wet mouth, except maybe unloading your sticky cum all over your partner. Still, you might want to return the favor more often, since receiving orals doesn’t really help you lose any calories. Letting your partner do all the work while you lie down (or stand, the difference is not big when it comes to calorie-burning) doesn’t involve much movement, so you don’t spend many calories. However, a proper face-fucking should do the trick, given that you’re as active as during hardcore fucking.

Other calorie-burning kinks

What else can you do to make your heart pump faster? For starters, you can try moaning and sighing more. This is a small step, and it won’t burn significantly more calories, but every little action counts. Change position with your partner, even a few times during one sweaty session. The moves you’ll have to make will activate more muscles. A good massage as a part of the foreplay will also increase blood circulation and make heart rate faster.

Combine exercises and fucking

Usually, sex equates to light to moderate exercise. Although you can burn calories by having sex, you should know that this activity alone is not enough to make you lose a lot of weight. Burning 100 calories by having sex is a nice exercise and will make you feel amazing, but 100 is really not that much. Nutritionists suggest that losing 1 pound requires losing 500 calories every day for a week. Unless you actually fuck multiple times every day (if you do, I honestly envy you), you should practice some exercises as well.

Working out before fucking can feel better than you would think. Try working out with your partner, it might cause sparks to fly even before the first touch. Exercise itself can enhance arousal, according to Debby Herbenick, professor of sexual and reproductive health at the Indiana University School of Public Health. Plus, the more active you are, the more your heart rate is pumping, which can also help you in the sack by making you last longer.

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