Sex position of the Eiffel Tower

Sex position of the Eiffel Tower features three or more persons who make a configuration similar to the architectural structure of the Eiffel Tower.

What is the functioning of it?

By definition, only three or more persons can accomplish the Eiffel Tower. This implies that before doing this sex position you will have to talk to your spouse. Having been certified by all parties to be willing and able participants, you may arrange how the Eiffel Tower is to be built.

One person takes all fours and creates the tower’s “foundation.” The man carries on the face of the partner orally as he is entered from behind by the other partner. The external partners then touch up the base partner with or above them.

Eiffel Tower Sex with two guys and a girl in nature park

Eiffel Tower Variations

Eiffel Tower Flipping

This change has the identical construction as the Eiffel Tower, except they turn over and lie on their back instead of being the base partners on all fours.

Eiffel Tower Lying down

This change has the same structure as the classic Eiffel Tower, but they lie on the same side, rather than the two external partners standing or kneeling, while the base partner rolls onto their sides as well.

Eiffel Tower Double-Stack

That means that a fourth partner will contribute to build the foundation of the structure. They can go head to face, perform a 69-point posture or flip over and put it back on top of the original base partner as an original base partner. Four additional hole types are now available to external partners for penetration.

What is the difference between the Spit Roast and the Eiffel Tower?

While the overall shaping of the two positions is the identical, in the Eiffel Tower the two partners either side of the centre touch or clasp the hands to form a triangle. The two sex positions have a different shape. In Spit Roast, external partners hold hands or contact on their respective ends with the basic partner.

Myths regarding the position of the Eiffel Tower

  • It must be husband and wife? The Eiffel Tower can be performed by any partner combination, including a dildo or strap-on, vaginal or anal sex.
  • Only three persons must be there? More than three persons can take part in the Eiffel Tower position. At the same time as the base there might be two persons.

How to safely test the Eiffel Tower

Safe Sex Practice

As there are more than two persons involved in the Eiffel Tower, ensure that everyone practice safe sex. Take condom and steps other than your sexually transmitted illnesses to protect you and your relationships.

Discuss with your partner

You have to ensure that everyone is comfortable and consenting to the group sex when you involve another person having sex with you and your spouse. Afterwards, you should also be prepared for uncomfortable or envious sentiments.

Whenever you are involved with group sex, it is vitally vital for every partner to have open and honest communication to ensure that everyone is safe, healthy and happy.

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