Giddy up and enjoy pony play

Have you ever fantasized about being a sexy horse? How about training one? If your answer is “yes”, then pony play might be your kind of kink! For people who are deeply into it, pony play is more than a game – it’s a lifestyle. Still, there is no reason it can’t be just occasional role-playing if that is what you prefer.

Understanding pony play

Pony play is a type of pet play, role-playing that involves one person pretending to be an animal and the other one to be their trainer. It can be similar to puppy play or kitty play. Also, it has many aspects of BDSM, especially the dom/sub dynamic.

The dominant person is almost always the trainer or owner, while the submissive one is the pony. The roles rarely change. The sub is called ponyboy or ponygirl. Any gender can be a pony or a master.

People often think that ponies and owners have sex. It is, after all, a fetish. However, it is quite rare for ponies and owners to fuck, at least during the pony play scenes. Although, there can be some sexual elements in those scenes.

What’s the point if there is no sex? It’s the element of power (for dom/me) or giving up the control (for sub). Also, it’s very liberating for those who identify with the animal. Some of those people can be into a fetish called autozoophilia (being aroused by pretending to be an animal) and can enjoy being stripped of their humanity. That allows them to fully embrace their animal nature and slip into a very different mindset during the scene.

That scenario, when someone identifies with a horse, is one type of pony play. Another type is called “forced” pony play, and it usually includes humiliation play. Here, the master (owner/trainer) “forces” the sub to act like a pony as a punishment and a way to humiliate them.

Pony play
Ponygirl with a bit in her mouth and a butt plug tail

Different roles in pony play

Pony play includes two main roles – the pony and the master. A pony play scene can include one or more of each of these roles. Plus, there are different types of these roles.

Types of ponies

Which type the pony is, depends on their training. The trainer teaches the pony various skills. The training can focus on one particular role, or it can include learning skills for different types of ponies. Here are some of the most common types.

  • Cart ponies – they pull small carts with the rider in them. The pony moves on two hind legs and wears a bit in its mouth, and reigns. It’s one of the most physically challenging roles.
  • Riding ponies – these are the ponies the owners/trainers use for riding. The pony gets on all fours, and the master saddles it and gets on its back for a ride.
  • Show ponies – these ponies have special skills. They go through thorough dressage and are dressed for show. There are competitions and events in the pony community where ponies and trainers can show off their skills. Some people distinguish event ponies, show ponies, dressage ponies, and circus ponies, but it all comes down to presenting different abilities and looks.
  • Breeding ponies (stud ponies) – they have some kinky sex with other ponies. Owners bring their ponies together so they can fuck animal style.

Types of masters

As you’ve probably noticed by now, ponies are handled by owners or trainers. Still, there are more roles that the dom/me can play. Some masters even take on more roles, and sometimes multiple people can participate in the training of one pony. Let’s see the types of masters.

  • Trainer – trainer teaches the pony all the proper behavior and tricks; they make sure that the pony is disciplined. This is a crucial role because it takes more than just dressing up as a horse to be a horse – it takes a lot of hard work and training.
  • Owner – this is a master in charge of a particular pony. The owner decides how the pony will be trained, if and when it will breed, they take them to events and shows, dress them, groom them. The owner is usually the one who also rides and grooms the pony. Sometimes the owner is also the trainer, and other times they take their pony to a professional trainer.
  • Rider – the one who rides the pony in the saddle or sits in a cart while the pony pulls them.
  • Groomer – the groomer combs, baths, massages, and rubs down the pony. Grooming is an essential aspect of pony play, especially for the purpose of aftercare.

The relationship between the pony and the master

Depending on the type of the pony and the master, they can be in different relations. There is typically no sex between them during the pony play scene. Still, that doesn’t mean that a real-life couple that enjoys this kink doesn’t have sex at all. They can play the scene and then fuck regularly some other time.

On the other hand, the pony and the master don’t necessarily need to be in any relationship. Sometimes pony play lovers meet at events and arrange the play.

One owner can have one or multiple ponies. Also, more than one master can be involved in training and taking care of the pony. For instance, the owner can take their pony to a professional trainer or lend it to another rider.

pony tail
Tail on a sexy thong

Pony play gear

Pony play is one of the more expensive kinks. It includes special gear, called tack. Some people use actual horse gear, but that is a bad choice as it’s not fit for humans (human ponies). A much better option is to invest in specific fetish gear. Some of it resembles BDSM equipment, like leather or latex, whips and crops.

The rest of the tack includes horse-specific items, such as saddle, reins, bits, blinders, hoof boots and hoof mitts, tail (sometimes a butt plug with a tail), rope, horse mask, restraints, spurs, whips, crops, as well as other things. All of this would make one long and costly shopping list. Luckily, you don’t have to buy all this stuff at once. You can start with the basics, which are a crop, a bit and rains, and maybe a tail and a horse mask to cover the head. You can always get the rest later if you decide that pony play is your thing.

Saddle up and get kinky!

Leading around a sexy pony in leather-clad is so exciting. Just imagine it with hoofs on all four, obeying your every command. Or, if you feel more like a pony, imagine the tender touch of your groomer and the arousal you feel when the master disciplines you for misbehaving.

What you read here is only the outline of pony play. When you dig deep into the topic, there is enough material for a whole book. And that’s just before you start learning about the training. Pony trainers need extensive knowledge to teach the pony to behave. And there are also specific parts of the tack that you need to learn how to use so that the play can be safe. So, whatever your preferred role is, you should do some research before you saddle up.

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