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What is an anal plug and how to use it? Anal plugs are a type of sex toys that is used for sex foreplay or during the sex. It can be inserted in the anus or the vagina. When inserted it gives great pleasure to your anus. This is a great sex toy for couples who are anal sex lovers.

Anal plug is not only for women – it is also used by men. The general belief that only women use anal plugs is wrong. A lot of men use this during intercourse with lots of experience if they watch anal porn. It is also used when a man and his girlfriend are trying to achive their wildest dreams.

How to use anal plug?

Butt plug is easy to use. You will need a washcloth, some soap, and a small amount of lubricant. What is an anal plug made up of is a ring, a plug, and a shaft that are made out of jelly or silicon that are tapered. The ring holds the plug. On the other hand, what is a stretch Ass plug consists of a shaft that is a small bit larger than the plug. When you insert it into the anus to stimulate your lover’s clitoris you will feel a sharp and satisfying bump.

Butt plugs can be inserted in different ways. You can stick it in the anus using the finger, making circles with your fingers around the base of the plug. You can also take it out with your fingertips. If you are inserting it into the vagina, then make sure that your partner is comfortable with the way you are using the anal plug and how you are leaving it inside.

What are advantages of anal plug?

If you are in the mood for some excitement then using your anus plug during lovemaking can be a great way to help you orgasm faster. It can also help you reach stronger orgasm as well. Another advantage of anal plugs is that they can provide a good amount of friction when inserted into the pussy to increase the arousal and pleasure of your partner. And, lastly, but definitely not least, if your partner has been begging you to insert your butt plug and how to use it, then do it!

So what is an ass plug made up of?
Well aside from the ring and the shaft that the plug has, the body casing that surrounds the plug, and the tapered end, it also consists of a very soft fabric material that is closed at the top. This ensures that the plug won’t slip out of the vagina. Aside from being used to aid in g-spot stimulation during lovemaking, a butt plug can also be used if you want to give your partner an orgasm while she is lying on her back because the narrow body of the plug makes it easier for the penis to enter.

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