90s Pornstars - Top 30 Countdown

Were you feeling somewhat nostalgic lately? Good old times are way far behind us, and with them, so are many memorable moments in technology, cinematography, and music, as well as the porn industry and their golden 90s pornstars! Many things have changed over this not-so-short period of time. A good amount of people claim that old-fashioned porn had more passion and more tension than a modern one. 

However, lovers of both can agree that a good porn star shines bright enough to be remembered even to this day! So let’s take a little trip back into these good old times and take a look at the Top 30 90s Pornstars!

90s Pornstars

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Who were the top female 90s pornstars?

Before we begin with our countdown of the Top 30 90S Pornstars, here are some of the names that might right a little bell inside of your head! Firstly, we are going to talk about the remarkable female pornstars in the 90s. 

Beautiful blonde bombshells were in the spotlight and loved as much as they are today! A good example would be Jenna Jameson, Juli Ashton, Jill Kelly, Brianna Banks, and many others! An attractive brunette pornstar was trending in the 90s as well and some of the names that have found their way onto our list are Asia Carrera, Lisa Ann, Kobe Tai, and other beauties! 

Now that we have reminded you of some of the most popular names when it comes to the pornstars of the 90s, let’s jump into that list and not keep your dirty mind waiting!

25. Patricia Ford

Patricia Ford Pornstar

We are starting the list of the 90s female pornstars with Patricia Ford. She was a Hawaiian pornstar of the 90s. This beauty with dark skin and hair looked very exotic and she was the walking sex of these ages. She starred in Playboy productions for the majority of her life. This should give an idea of how sexy she was to many people. She only appeared in a handful of videos for Playboy because she was bound by a contract.

Where is Patricia Ford now?

Patricia Ford hasn’t been seen in public since she retired in the early 2000s. She is now 53 years old and lives a fairly normal life. But if you wish to see any of her action on camera, be sure to check her out, but her beauty is out of this world!

24. Stacy Valentine

Stacy Valentine 90s pornstars

Stacy Valentine is a shining example of extraordinary talent. This blonde started out modeling her big faux tits, but after she realized that the bigger money lies in the porn industry, she changed up her profession. This, now 52 years old model, was very bold and brave for her time! She had non-trouble shooting the most extreme scenes that many of the stars were afraid to do so!

Where is Stacy Valentine now?

Have you ever wondered where is this gorgeous pornstar of the 90s right now? Well, she ventured into the industry in 1996, and by 2000, she had unfortunately retired. For those who are nostalgic and sad to see their favorite porn star of the 90s getting retired, they can always get back in time and watch those extreme erotical videos she filmed years ago.

23. Nikki Tyler

Nikki Tyler

Next on the list of best porn models is not the one for the weak-hearted! Nikky’s beautiful face and big tits were the main reason behind many smiles in the 90s! Her blonde hair and blue-eyed had men all over the world on their knees! And if you’re a fan of small cleavage and want to see some contrast to this busty vixen, you can check out some of the hottest small-boobs pornstars that stand out in the industry in that category as well!

Where is Nikki Tyler now?

Nikki Tyler retired from the industry in the early 2000s. She is currently 49 years old, and she is not active in the eyes of the public anymore, although if you wish to check out her biggest movies and the wildest scenes she starred in, you can do it in just a few clicks.

22. Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson 90s pornstars

Where to start with Jenna Jameson? She is sexy, talented, beautiful, and adored by generations of horny bunches! Even in her 48 years of life, she is still a true bombshell! She is beautiful, blond, sassy, and charming! Jenna started out as a glamour model and exotic dancer, but then she entered a pornographic film in 1993. This pornstar of the 90s has won more than 20 adult movie awards in her life.

Where is Jenna Jameson now?

This model announced her retirement back in 2008. At the beginning of this year, an unknown illness affected her ability to walk. She is still recovering from the effects of the rare neurological disease.

21. Kobe Tai

Kobe Tai

Kobe Tai is one of the hottest Asian models of the 90s! She looks exotic, slim, powerful, and very sexy! This beautiful star besides making hot movies that will blow off your mind, enjoys dancing, shopping, and gymnastics! Her petite frame and feminine figure were the main characteristics she was known after!

Where is Kobe Tai now?

Kobe Tai left the adult entertainment industry in 2003, but no worries! Her hot movies are still available for you horny fellows to watch anytime you want.

20. Juli Ashton

Juli Ashton 90s pornstars

Juli Ashton – a completely natural blond bombshell that everybody imagined getting with back in the 90s! Her beautiful hair and blue eyes made her look almost angelic. Her height is one of her main attributes, as well! She is one of the tallest porn stars alive.

Where is Juli Ashton now?

Juli decided to retire in the early 2000s, precisely in 2005. She is 58 years old, and soon to turn 59. This model is currently involved with a management group called Risqué Business.

19. Raylene


Now we’re going to talk a little bit about one dark-haired beauty – Raylene. She started her career in the porn industry when she was 19 years old girl. She is one of those curvy models that are a handful and that many men would like to eat up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where is Raylene now?

Raylene retired in 2001 from the adult film industry to become a realtor, and she retired in 2004 from dancing. She made a comeback in 2009 with the movie Raylene’s Dirty Work. For right now, she is living a completely normal and boring everyday life.

18. Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera Pornstar

Next on the list is another Asian hottie! Asia Carrera knew how to fill up every inch of your body with desire and satisfaction! She is tall and slim, and she is more than willing to make any man’s fantasy come true! Her medium-sized boobs and her tight booty mostly stand out on her body. In her movies, she was mostly seen showing some love to big cocks, but she loved to eat pussy from time to time, as well!

Where is Asia Carrera now?

This Asian beauty is long retired by now, but in the meantime, she also became a voice actor. 49 years old Carrera enjoys video games and now lives life in Utah as a mother. Asia was also a successful student and attended Rutgers with a full academic scholarship. Rumors have it that she has an intelligence of 156.

17. Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes Pornstar

This dak-haired bombshell is well known as one of the most beautiful 90s pornstars! She is a big lover of the outdoors, camping and fishing. Taylor started stripping in 1994 at Cabaret Royale after graduating from High School. She was awarded the Penthouse Pet Search at the Strip Club, which launched her career in the adult sector. Her tight little body was the object of some men’s wet dreams, both during the day and night!

Where is Taylor Hayes now?

52 years old beauty retired from the adult industry in 2006. In recent years, it seems like she has disappeared from the eyes of the public. So, if you miss her pretty face and curvy body, look up one of her old movies, and enjoy!

16. Anna Malle

Anna Malle Pornstar

Her fairly tall, slim figure, tight body, beautiful natural face, and hair as dark as the night were able to capture many women and men during the 90s. Fans and critics welcomed her into the industry with open hands, mainly for the energy and enthusiasm that she put into every performance.

Where is Anna Malle now?

Malle decided to retire from the industry in 2005. Unfortunately, a year later, in 2006. she tragically passed in a car accident near Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 25, because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. At the time of the accident, she was only 39 years old.

15. Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint 90s pornstars

Even though she contains the word saint in her name, and she might even look like one, Silvia is considered to be far from that! Her beauty and undeniably hot body are tempting, and she makes everyone around her want to sin! This Czech starlet was of the hottest models in the porn industry in the 90s.

Where is Silvia Saint now?

Silvia retired from the porn industry in 2007. Since then she was taking care of the auditions as director and producer on her official website. This beauty is currently 46 years old.

14. Racquel Darrian

Racquel Darrian 90s pornstars

Racquel Darrian blessed the 90s pornstar’s scene with her beauty! This lady appeared in only high-end productions with big budgets. At the beginning of her career, she only shot scenes with Derrick Lane, her husband. Before she stepped into the adult industry, she first started out as a nude model. Many to this day think of her as one of the most beautiful pornstars of the 90s.

Where is Racquel Darrian now?

Vivid Entertainment fired her in 1999 for allegedly using drugs. Racquel began filming with fans around this time. Her soon-to-be ex-husband recorded these encounters and posted them on escort sites. She later then retired after her divorce in 2002.

13. Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly 90s pornstars

Another blonde bombshell has made it on the list. Jill Kelly is one of those 90s pornstars that were able to leave you breathless with their beauty. She is tall, very curvy, and one of the sexiest porn models of all time. Man would get brick hard just by looking at her. She started out working as a stripper, then she later stepped into the porn industry where she was not only an actress but a director and producer, as well.

Where is Jill Kelly now?

This 51-year-old pornstar of the 90s is an AVN Hall of Fame inductee, and she has not officially decided to retire yet! So, don’t waste any time. Look her up and find the amazing content that you can jerk off to! This beauty of hers shouldn’t be wasted.

12. Nikki Dial

Nikki Dial Pornstar

The beautiful dark-haired actress started off her career in the porn industry at only 18 years old. The natural beauty of her face, her tits, and other parts of her body many every around her envious! She truly is a true beauty! She was very young, but not at all innocent at the beginning of her shining career.

Where is Nikki Dial now?

This 48-year-old model decided to retire years ago – in 1996. Her life is now closed to the public, but that doesn’t mean that her beauty and her art hers has never been forgotten! Even though she didn’t work for the industry extremely long, she has made a great impact on it, that’s for sure!

11. Ashlyn Gere

Ashlyn Gere

Crazily hot brunette, also known as Aslyn Gere started out in the industry in her early 30s! She was already a mature woman with a lot of confidence which was obvious in her scenes! Each and every one of her performances was absolutely outstanding.

Where is Ashlyn Gere now?

After thirteen years of work in the porn industry, this 90s pornstar decided to retire in 2003. She is currently 63 years old she is living a normal life in Texas and works as a real estate agent! She might have changed her profession, but she will be always known as one of the sexiest pornstars alive.

10. Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick 90s pornstars

She is a rare combination of elegance, fashion, and burning sensuality. Her beautiful natural beauty, flawless skin, and voluptuous curves put her in a sexy galaxy of her own. She is the first global sex icon of the new millennium! Even trough the pictures, her overwhelming sexuality was enough to make any boner grow in just a second.

Where is Tera Patrick now?

Tera Patrick, porn star and sex-on-camera photographer, retired in 2009. She is living in Summerlin, with her mom, dating men, and is even starting a Vegas show. This sex symbol will always be able to awaken the darkest fantasies in the horny people’s imagination.

9. Janine Lindemulder

Janine Lindemulder

This model is a little bit more controversial than others! She is one of the most heavily inked 90s pornstars, and also one of the tallest! Janine was ready to play in many extreme scenes and to dare men to try and break her in half! Her uncommon beauty and sassy attitude made each and every one of us deadly horny.

Where is Janine Lindemulder now?

53 years old pornstar retired from the industry once in the early 2000s. She made her comeback in 2004 but then decided to retire again after two years. This nude model, ex-exotic dancer, and retired pornstar has definitely left some memorable work behind her that will make many people happy, even after she stops making the art!

8. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

Many of you might know Lisa Ann as a busty MILF porn goddess because she seems to become even more attractive with age. Lisa Ann was a star in the late 1990s and continued to rock the industry until she left the scene in 2006, but two years after that, she made a comeback. She is a perfectionist in the industry and carefully chooses her projects. She started in numerous porn movies and worked with countless porn production houses. Some of her most memorable work is with Evil Angel production. We are exclusive partners with them so make sure to get 60% Evil Angel discount here.

Where is Lisa Ann now?

The beautiful, busty Italian beauty that is well known for her flawless olive skin and silky brown hair is still in the industry, and it seems that she isn’t making any retirement plans yet! If you haven’t seen one of her 90s videos, hurry up and look her up! Her beauty might shake you up!

7. Julia Ann

Julia Ann

Another beauty that made many men smile in the 90s was one of the brightest stars – Julia Ann. Busty, with big booty, tall, tattooed, and curvy – those are the verbs that would describe her the best. She has evolved from one of the biggest attractions on the erotica circuit to being one of the most popular stars in the adult film industry. She worked with some of the industry most famous names. We are exclusive partners with exactly those productions so make sure to get discount on Brazzers membership as well as Wicked porn deal and watch Julia Ann rocking studs world!

Where is Julia Ann now?

The beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty with an equally captivating personality is currently 53 years old. She is still active in the adult film industry, as well as in striptease. If you would like to see more of this, now MILF, beauty, don’t be shy and get onto the work!

6. Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni is an erotic model who was Penthouse magazine’s Pet For the month of September 2000. She has modeled in many photographic styles, including amateur, artistic nude, pinup, fetish, and glamour. She has played some roles in movies and TV shows as well. Her dark hair and extremely feminine features were every men’s obsession in the 90s.

Where is Aria Giovanni now?

A 44-year-old bombshell still hasn’t retired from the industry. You can find many interviews of her in the most recent ages, as well as some very interesting films! Prepare your heart for her hot scenes, because she will make it skip a beat or two!

5. Dyanna Lauren

Dyanna Lauren

She is American erotica, pornographic actor, and director. Between 1992 and 1998, she was in more than 100 movies. This light-haired beauty was legs-ready to do everything to make her fans and public tremble with satisfaction and joy! She acted in many different types of porn, and has made many scenes that are worth remembering!

Where is Dyanna Lauren now?

In the years that followed, her focus shifted to directing and not acting. She sings in the Thousand Year Itch band as well! Dyanna Lauren decided to retire from the acting part of the adult industry career in 2008.

4. Jenteal


Jenteal has become one of the most well-known adult stars in the business. She jumped headfirst into hardcore in 1994, just 18 years old, and has been an exclusive client of Vivid video since then. Janteal started Mesmereyes Inc. which sells adult products online, and she also created the Adult Star Network. She enjoys water skiing, scuba diving, snowboarding, traveling, and eating hamburgers.

Where is Jenteal now?

This spicy bombshell ended her career in the porn industry by retiring in 2002. Unfortunately, she passed away in October of 2020 in the Philippines at the age of 44. The cause of her early passing was complications after surgery.

3. Tori Welles

Tori Welles

The third place on this list is taken by Tori Walles. She is currently 55 years old and she acted in adult films from 1988 to 1999. This beautiful model also directed many movies in the 1990s. She was once a brunette pornstar that everybody lusted after. Her thick brown hair, long legs, and large D cups of cleavage were there to take your breath away!

Where is Tori Welles now?

The brunette bombshell retired from performing in adult movies in the mid-1990. Her movies were and still are some of the best in the porn industry. No matter the amount of time that has passed, this star will be able to make any man brick hard in just a second!

2. Briana Banks

Briana Banks 90s pornstars

Second place on this list deserves Briana Banks a German-born American pornographic actress and model. This blue-eyed hottie is blonde and always looks spectacular! She’s curvy and tall, and her gorgeous frame supports her 34E melons just perfectly! Her beauty is something worth to be talked about!

Where is Briana Banks now?

This 44-year-old model hasn’t retired from the industry yet! Her retirement would be such a shame since she is still in such good form. She is still able to make a guy as hard as a brick wall. Both her recent and older movies are something you’ll never get bored of.

1. Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley has earned first place on this 90s pornstars list! She is an American pornographic actress and pornographic film director, and sex educator. Nina started out working in the porn industry in 1984, in her junior year at nursing school. This blonde beauty is a true legend when it comes to the adult industry. Her name is recognizable on the streets and both young and older bunches easily get hard when they hear it! Nina worked with abundance of popular adult house names but most iconic one is definitely Pure Taboo. We offer 60% discount on Pure Taboo here so you can watch Nina in it’s glory!

Where is Nina Hartley now?

63 years old model hasn’t yet retired from making movies for the adult film industry, and rumor has it that she said that she will never do that! Since this legendary beauty is known for her excellent performances in these movies, both newer ones and the old ones, we hope to be able to enjoy them for a very long time!

Who were the top 90s male pornstars?

Of course, our list can’t be only about beautiful bombshell pornstars od the 90s, but the men actors were also as memorable and incredibly handsome! There were many popular male stars in the 90s industry, but those whose names are the most recognizable are Ron Jeremy, Ben Dover, Peter North, and many others! Let’s see our list of top 5 male pornstars of the 90s – where they are now and what are they most famous for!

5. Steven St. Croix

Steven St. Croix

St. Croix began his career as a production assistant. He performed in his first scene when a male star was unable to make it. Although his debut was accidental, he quickly proved to be a natural performer and earned more than 28 industry awards as well as 1,500+ performer credits. He decided to take a break from porn at the close of the 1990s and focus on his mainstream acting career.

Where is Steven St. Croix now?

This 54-year-old male star isn’t retired yet, and you can still watch him in some juicy videos that include the wildest scenes. You can find satisfaction watching both of his older and newer-dated videos. His performance is always outstanding.

4. Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

After a career as a nurse and later on as a model, he started his career in porn in 1985. Michaels is a powerful performer who commands attention on the screen. He has more than 2,300 credits as a performer and over 200 directorial nominations. He worked with a lot of female porn stars in the 1990s. His strong facial features and godly body were his main attributes!

Where is Sean Michaels now?

Sean Michaels is one of those fellas that are still going hard in the industry. Even though he is 63 years old, he hasn’t retired yet from the industry. If you haven’t watched any of his movies (which is not very likely), you are missing out on a lot!

3. Ray Victory

Ray Victory

One of the most famose ebony pornstars of this era was definitely Ray Victory. This stud was born on November 2, 1960, in Houston, US. Ray’s muscled body was adored by women and men equaly, and so was his big black cock. He had fucked both girls and guys on camera.

Where is Ray Victory now?

Ray Victory’s career lasted for many years, from 1984 to 2008. He has a very fruitful career and shot nearly 400 adult movies. After he retired in 2008, Ray lived led a normal family life with his wife and children. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive. Ray Victory had a fatal heart attack on August 31, 2016 in Denmark when he was 55 years old.

2. Ben Dover

Ben Dover

Ben Dover is one of the most well-known exports to the adult industry from the United Kingdom! Dover is a director and producer in the adult industry, but he has also starred as a performer in many of his own films. In fact, he started his career in adult entertainment in the late 1970s as a male stripper under the stage name “Hot Rod”.

Where is Ben Dover now?

Ben worked in the industry for many years, but he finally decided to retire in 2018. His name was a synonym for the adult industry for many years. Even though he retired, you can find his face and incredibly hot body on many videos during the past years.

1. Peter North

Peter North 90s pornstars

North became famous for his facials. His ability to produce large quantities of semen and his strong ejaculations are his most notable achievements. Since his start in the porn industry more than two decades ago, he has averaged between 8-10 ejaculations per climax.

Where is Peter North now?

This dark-haired handsome 90s pornstar is now long retired from the industry, but you can always take a look at his crazy ejaculations that have made him famous in the first place. He is currently 65 years old and he is living a semi-normal life.

Why are the 80s and 90s pornstars so much hotter?

This question is frequently asked in the industry, and the answer can be quite simple. 90s pornstars were mainly natural, without gigantic plastic boobs and asses. Their faces looked innocent and truly feminine. They all had something special about them – they were all different one from another. Besides the obvious change in looks, their attitude and their sexuality were shown in somewhat different ways. Female models were extremely feminine, while the guys were strong and handsome, no matter what kind of porn they were shooting. Everybody has their preferences, but the truth is, a little nostalgia might be the reason why we see everything from the past a little better than the things that today has to offer us.

Who has bodies like 90s pornstars (nowadays)?

Even though the 90s are far behind us, we can still find some qualities of the past in nowadays adult industry. If you want to know who are the biggest stars today, check out our list of the most beautiful pornstars of 2022!

Some of the hottest porn models have natural bodies like the ones from the past years and some of them are Lana Rhoades, Mia Malkova, Riley Raid, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Aidra Fox, and many others!