What is ahegao and how it became so popular?

I’m sure you enjoy seeing your partner’s face going wild from all the pleasure you bring her. Hearing her moans turn to screams as she cums is a praise of your skills. Knowing your huge cock that is plowing her tight pussy is deserving of that, only makes you more turned on. Well, all of those moans and face expressions are emphasized in ahegao. But what is ahegao exactly?

Ahegao refers to the ecstatic face that girls make when they have an orgasm; only when those expressions are exaggerated they are becoming ahegao. Ahegao includes flushed face wet with tears, drool, or messy cum, and loud moans with stick out tongue and eyes rolled backwards or crossed from pleasure.

It is different from the “ikigao” which means “orgasm face” and looks more natural. Ahegao makes all of the usual indicators of an orgasm heightened. It’s more hyperbolic than a regular orgasm face, as people usually don’t drool with their tongues out and cross their eyes while banging.

These uncommon faces with extremely heightened signs of sexual pleasure are exactly why many people find ahegao so arousing. The more noticeable the changes on the girl’s face are, the more she is enjoying sex. That is pretty exciting when you think about it.

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Doing ahegao dressed in slutty anime style

Meaning of the word ahegao

The term “ahegao” comes from Japanese. It’s a combination of two words, “ahe” (アヘアヘ), which is onomatopoeia for moaning or panting. You can see it sounds like „ah, ahe“, which is what you hear when you are deep inside your girl’s tight hole. The other part of the word is the Japanese word “gao” (顔), meaning “face”.

Basically, ahegao is the face girls make when they are fucking or masturbating. The point of ahegao is to make it obvious that they are enjoying incredible waves of pleasure. The goofy faces are supposed to make female orgasms visible, proving that they are not faking it. It is a sort of an equivalent to a messy cumshot, because it makes you see the exact moment when someone cums.

When a man cums, you can see a load of his sticky juice spraying all over a hot girl or filling her wet pussy. However, when a woman is having a mind-blowing orgasm, you can only notice it by the movement of her sexy body and by her expressions. That’s why ahegao amplifies them so it looks like the girl is enjoying hardcore sex so much that she has lost the control of her face.

From manga to porn movies

It’s no surprise that ahegao comes from Japan when you know Japanese porn production is one of the kinkiest in the industry. Another thing they are known for is the censorship in most of their adult movies. There is only a handful of uncensored Japanese porn websites, while the majority show only blurred or pixelized tits, pussies, and cocks. That is the reason ahegao became so widespread.

It first appeared in Japanese hentai comic books. It was a drawing genre in which the female character expresses a great amount of pleasure seen through her facial expression while she’s being fucked hard. During the 1990s, ahegao was used for describing any kind of face female porn stars made when they cum.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s when best hentai manga and anime artists started drawing the babes with exaggerated expressions, especially in the scenes with hardcore fucking and BDSM. The increased use of the term ahegao in this context soon expanded to porn movies, those with real models, and animated ones as well.

Hentai schoolgirl doing ahegao while being fucked hard

There is a law in Japan that makes displaying obscene drawings, scenes, or documents in public punishable with large fines. The censorship of hentai and other pornography is a pretty big deal. There are some productions that manage to go around these regulations, like Sex Japan TV network, but most of them just blur all the best parts. You won’t see many tits, nipples, tight pussies, or huge cocks in Japanese porn.

Since all the close-ups of dicks plowing girls’ gaping holes are censored, Japanese came to a creative solution to make the scenes more believable. They can’t show nor draw the penetration, so they use ahegao as a proof of it.

The reason these faces can turn you on is that you know where the expressions come from. You know that the girl doing the ahegao has a huge cock deep inside her tiny pussy, or maybe a finger or two exploring her gaping hole. Fortunately for the Japanese porn industry, this obvious sexual context, without actually showing obscene pictures, can pass the censorship.

World trend

Although ahegao originated in Japan, there are many non-Asian models performing it as well. Many white babes gained thousands of followers and subscribers on different platforms thanks to these exaggerated faces. And you will find them not only on Pornhub, OnlyFans, or similar platforms, but also on mainstream social media like Reddit and even Instagram. These models constantly try to come up with more creative facial expressions as their fans are going crazy for it.

Even though these silly faces may look non-sexual to some people, their meaning will give instant boners to those who imagine what is behind those expressions. All those facial expressions heighten the representation of an amazing orgasm. And what is sexier than seeing a girl going out of her mind because she enjoys fucking so much?

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