How to satisfy your intersexual partner?

Note: This article uses typical binary pronouns only for easier comprehension.

How to satisfy your intersexual partner? I would like nothing more than the answer to this question to be: “just bring them to the mind-blowing orgasm as you would do with any other person. Touch, kiss, squeeze, and fuck whatever organs they have.” That would surely make dating much simpler. However, it’s not always like that.

We live in a society that has yet to accept the beautiful diversity of human beings. So, there are some things you should pay a little more attention to if you are cis and dating an intersexual person.

Who are intersexuals

As you know, the intersex category is diverse. In general, intersexual people were born with bodies that don’t fit the traditional description of male or female. Those features can include variations in reproductive anatomy and secondary gender characteristics. 

That way, a person might poses characteristics typical for a male, like a beard and muscular body structure, but have female reproductive organs. A standard female-looking body with male reproductive organs is also one of the possibilities. Some people are born with organs that look like a mixture of female and male genitals. Noticeably large clitoris that looks like a penis, vagina without opening, inner testicles, scrotum divided so it seems like labia, etc. These are all possible features of an intersexual person, but the list doesn’t stop there. Some people have mosaic genetics, meaning they have both XX (female) and XY (male) chromosomes, and some have XXY chromosomes. There are also persons with ovotestes, sex glands that contain both ovarian and testicular tissue, and people without functional sex glands (meaning they don’t produce the right amount or any hormones). This can result in even more beautiful body types.

Intersex is a socially constructed category, although it reflects biological variations. Many people who don’t have typically defined bodies don’t describe themselves as intersexual. For example, a person might appear like a woman with hot curves and perfect tits, and will identify as a woman, even though she has a big cock. In the same way, a person with typical male features and a full female reproductive system can identify as a woman, man, or neither. It all comes down to their choice.

Not all sex is penetrative

How do people with some of those body characteristics fuck? Well, anyway they want. The first thing you need to understand is that sex does not need to include sticking a hard cock into a wet pussy. There are many, many other ways for a person to feel sexual pleasure.

Blowjobs, pussy licking, rimming, fingering, handjobs, fisting – it can all count as sex. And if you can make someone cum by focusing solely on erogenous zones other than pussy and cock, even better! It means that you know your way around your lover’s body.

The point is that people without vaginal opening, or people with micropenis or atypical dicks, can also enjoy sex. Sexual desire is not inextricably linked to whatever it is between your legs.

Miki Mizuasa Profile
Miki Mizuasa, a hot intersexual model

How to satisfy your intersexual partner with atypical vagina

Let’s say your partner is a female with MRKH, or vaginal septum, or vaginal agenesis. MRKH or Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome means that a person has ovaries but no uterus. Women with MRKH also have vaginal agenesis, which means their vaginas are undeveloped or shortened. The vaginal septum is a wall of tissue that shortens or completely closes the vagina. In some cases, it can divide a vagina vertically, creating two vaginal openings.

With a vagina shaped in some of these ways, penetration is usually not possible, or it’s extremely uncomfortable and painful. Since big cocks and dildos are out of the picture in this case, you should resort to other ways of bringing her to a screaming orgasm. Of course, the ass is still available for plowing, but that’s not the only way for satisfaction. Try stimulating her other erogenous zones first instead of just sticking your finger / dick / dildo into her tight asshole. Kiss and caress her neck, thighs, boobs, or back. For many people, stimulating these places is incredibly arousing.

And don’t forget the clit! (This also goes for satisfying anyone with a clit, not just those whose vaginas are not typically formed!) The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a female body. In other words, work the clit until you see your lover moan and arch her back in upcoming waves of pleasure.

How to satisfy your intersexual partner with atypical penis

In case you are dating a person with some congenital penile variation, you also have to adjust your actions in bed (or any other place you prefer). Some of those variations can be aphallia (complete absence of penis), micropenis (penis shorter than 3.6 inches), chordee (uncommonly curved penis that can often be painful and can make penetration impossible), or something else. These cases appear on people with typical male anatomy, but can affect his ability to plow someone’s holes.

Let’s see how to satisfy your intersexual partner in some of those cases. Assuming his balls are in place, a gentle massage should feel very enticing. You can even try sucking the balls with your mouth.

Almost every cock curves slightly to one side or another, but men with chordees, or penile curvature, have dicks that are curved more than just a little. A curved dick is usually functional, unless it causes pain. Even when it’s not painful, pounding someone’s holes with a curved cock can be a bit unpractical, since both pussies and assholes are formed like straight tubes. When the curvature is only slight, fucking is possible, but it requires some adjustments. There are a few positions that make banging with a curved cock more comfortable. Sideways missionary, doggy style, sitting straddle, or stranding straddle are some of the positions that allow a person with a bent dick to stick it into their lover’s holes. Which one will be the most practical depends on which side is the cock curved.

If you are in bed with a guy who has a micropenis, don’t assume he won’t be able to fuck you. Micropenises work just like any other cock. It can pound your ass or pussy hard and spray warm cum all over you. And let’s face it, sucking a petite dick is much easier than trying to deepthroat a massive one.

Of course, there is always the ass. You can massage your partner’s asshole, readying it with your finger for what’s to come – your hard cock or a dildo. Plus, rimming can feel great both as a preparation for anal sex and on its own.

Stimulating other erogenous zones also applies to any of these cases. A person’s body does not come down to just cock or pussy. Touching and kissing any other part can quickly get steamy.

Best of both worlds

As I’ve mentioned, many intersexual people have characteristics of both typically defined male and female bodies. An example of that is a person with a big cock and even bigger tits. A possible reason behind a body like that can be Klinefelter syndrome. It appears with men who have one extra X chromosome, so their genetic structure is XXY. Typical for Klinefelter syndrome are noticeably small balls and also giant tits. Although some men decide to undergo treatment, some choose to keep the boobs. If your partner is someone like that, it means you get to play with tits and a dick on the same person. Isn’t that fun!

There are also some bodies that only appear to have both female and male characteristics. Women with clitoromegaly (extra-large clitoris) sometimes look like they have a dick. Although their clit can’t get hard and function as an actual cock, it is still quite sensitive. That means your partner will probably appreciate it if you give it a little extra attention.

Turn on their mind first

These are just some of the possible intersex cases, but they should give you a good idea of how to treat a body that is different than yours. In all cases, you should turn on your lover’s mind before you move to their body. That can include dirty talk, teasing, but also understanding them. Keep in mind that many intersexual people had a hard time accepting their bodies or explaining their way of being to other people. Your partner might have had a bad experience with their exes because their body is different. That’s why you need to have patience.

And remember to be patient with yourself as well. If you’ve never been with someone with a body type like the one your partner has, it might take you more time to get used to it. The most important thing is to acknowledge that fucking involves many other sexy acts, and it’s not just dick-in-pussy action. There are other activities, even more exciting ones, that you can enjoy with your partner. You just need to find the ones that feel good to both of you. It goes without saying that you need to talk to your partner about what they like and what they want. Only then you will be able to truly satisfy them.

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