How to pick up a hot stud on Grindr

When it comes to dating, Grindr is a go-to place for many gay, bi, and queer people. Sure, some people are searching for true love there, but to be honest, most of them are there just for casual hookups. Whatever you are looking for, in order to get a date, you must stand out. Your profile needs to be hot, and your first message needs to be interesting. But how exactly to do that? How to pick up a hot stud on Grindr?

The first message

You saw a hot stud on Grindr, looked through his profile and his photos, got a boner, and the only thing left to do is text him. Many guys choose a simple “Hi” or a dick pick. I know I have received quite a number of those. And you know what all of those messages had in common? They were all plain and didn’t really awaken interest in me.

Now, I’m just an average guy, I’m not some model or anything like that, so I can only imagine how many messages hotties get. In a sea of texts, I usually go for the one that is at least a little bit different than others. So, keep in mind that you will have better chances if you capture their attention with you the very first message.

There are many ways to be original. Some of them have proven very helpful every time I wanted to pick up a hot stud on Grindr. Let’s take a look at some of the approaches.

Investigate his profile

Instead of saying “Hi”, you can ask him a question about something you saw on his profile. Everyone loves talking about themselves and their interests. If he wrote that he loves some movie or show, start with asking him who is his favorite character. If you see that one of his photos was taken in your gym or in a café you like, mention that. You can also just make a comment about it, but the question has more potential because it requires an answer, so there is a greater chance that he will text back.

Turn him on

When guys want to find someone to fuck hard and never see again, they will often just text “Looking?” or “Top or bottom?” or something like that. This makes the intentions clear, but it doesn’t guarantee that the other person will be interested. There is a better way to find the answers to your questions, spark his interest, and make sure that the conversation will continue, all with a single punch line. Ask him, “What turns you on the hardest?” or “If you would have to choose one position in which you would fuck for the rest of your life, what would it be?” (that’s also a good way to find out if he’s top or bottom).

Talking dirty will turn on a hot stud, but you should also share something about yourself. You can add “I love doggystyle” after the questions I suggested. Conversation is a two-way street, and you can’t just expect him to share personal preferences if you are going to be cheap with words.

Compliment him in a creative way

Compliments are always a good idea. No matter how confident someone is, they will love to hear a nice thing about themselves from another person. However, you won’t achieve much if you give him the same compliment as the ones he hears all the time. If his chiseled abs are the first thing you’ve noticed, it probably means that people admire them all the time. To stand out, you can compliment something else, like his perfect smile. “I like your jeans. The way they highlight that bulge of yours is so arousing” – this can be an excellent opening line.

How common (read: boring) Grindr messages would sound in real life

Best pick up lines

Sometimes going with a cheesy pickup line can also turn out successful. Many people find them cute or funny. Plus, some dirty ones can start a very exciting conversation. Here are some examples.

“If I don’t look like my profile picture, I’ll keep on buying you drinks until I do.“

“I don’t usually initiate a Grindr conversation first. But I just had to make an exception for you.”

“I was skeptical about Grindr, but I changed my mind when I saw your profile.”

How to pick up a hot stud on Grindr

Using Grindr is probably the fastest way to get laid. There is plenty of hot guys on this app, and most of them are looking for someone to fuck or someone who will drill their asshole. There is no sure way that will teach you how to pick up a hot stud on Grindr, but these guidelines will hopefully be of use. So, the next time your dick feels restless and you wish for a Grindr date, you should make sure you come up with an original first message that will spark interest.

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