Gay Clubs In Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe. The gay community here is very active and many gay bars, clubs and discos are dotted all over town. In Berlin, gay life is not a taboo; in fact it is celebrated to the hilt! With the liberalization movement happening here over the last twenty years or so, Berlin has been able to slowly open up to the world. There are many gay clubs and pubs in the city where you can enjoy a good night out with your friends while taking in the sights of the city.

Two girls in love at Berlins nightclub

These days there are many gay nights out in the city for people to experience all that there is to offer. However, you would be well advised to make an appointment beforehand to avoid feeling rushed and overwhelmed by the number of people. This could also help to ensure that the party that you choose really suits your taste and lifestyle. Some of the most popular gay & LGBT parties in Berlin are Bareback, Kinky, Grindstone and Twink. All of these offer hardcore fun in their respective categories. There are also plenty of underground gay bars that can give you the experience that you crave without going out with too many people.

Some of the best LGBT Clubs in Berlin

If you are looking to combine your visit to Berlin with the experience of exotic dancing, then Insomnia will be perfect. This club is located in Alt-Tempelhof 17-19 Street and offers uncensored gay male entertainment. While at Insomnia you can also try out other dance options such as the German Corgi and Samba. For an even more extreme session, then you might consider heading to the nearby Saint Jean club.

If you are looking for a club where you can completely relax and let loose, then Zum Schmutzigen Hobby is definitely the place for you. It is one of the most popular gay clubs in Berlin and is known for providing uncensored gay nightlife. It’s located in Revaler Str. 99, and is a great experience for anyone who wants to experience a wild night out. The club is open and has extensive VIP areas.

Berlin is not just about love and sex though; there is a lot more to it than that. There is Club Karma in Muggelstrause that is open for gay nights every Wednesday. The club provides luxurious surroundings and is host to some of the finest DJs in the region. If techno is more your speed, then look no further than Club Le Rat at Neukohlen Street. This club is one of the most happening in Berlin and is a huge draw for gay tourists.

Finally, if you want to experience a night out that will leave you wishing you were in San Francisco or Amsterdam, then look no further than Berlin’s most notorious gay bar. Kulturebar! is known for providing gay nights with heavy music from local artists. Kulturebar is also an important gathering place for gay Germany and locals alike. This is by far the best selection of clubs in Berlin.

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